Odd Monikers: the Top 5 Good Bands with Bad Names

Image credit: Somekindofawesome.com
What’s in a name? Evidently not that much if you’re a really good band. Some truly quality bands have managed to put together very successful careers while having name that gives you the impression they’re either clinically insane or just didn’t care at all when they came up with it.

And while there are plenty of much worse band names out there, most of those belong to really bad bands (looking at you, “Limp Bizkit”). But these few, these are the great groups that just also happen to have a less-than-ordinary moniker.
Odd Monikers: the Top 5 Good Bands with Bad Names

5Mungo Jerry

Image credit: Last.fm
You may not remember who Mungo Jerry is right away, but you definitely know their biggest hit. It’s that song you hear at every tiki bar you’ve ever been to, the one that goes: “In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch sky. When the weather’s fine, you’ve got women, you got women on your mind.” Yeah, those guys! Well, their strange name is actually taken from a T.S. Eliot poem, even though it sounds more like what the locals call the twitchy homeless guy that lives under the pier. If you’re on the beach in the summertime, be wary of crazy old Mungo Jerry, or he’ll stab you with a broken Coke bottle.

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