Top 5 Fictional Bands of All Time

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With all the glamour and posturing in rock music, it’s no surprise that so many people are trying to have a little fun at the expense of over-blown rock acts. Though fictional bands have been around for over a hundred years (What? You’ve never heard of Alexander’s Ragtime Band?), the increased popularity and worldwide permeation of rock ’n’ roll has helped fake musicians to vastly multiply. So, we decided to chronicle our favorite faux front men, artificial axe slingers, disingenuous drummers and bogus bass-men—our top 5 fictional bands of all time.
Top 5 Fictional Bands of All Time


With an international flare for melodramatic bombast, Dethklok (the 7th largest economy in the world) has overtaken the adult animation world by sheer force. The band is the brain child of Berklee College of Music-graduate Brendan Small, who splits his time between gut-busting humor and face-melting shred. The cartoon counterparts for his music perform dark masterpieces like “Bloodrocuted” and “Hatredcopter” to a rabid fan base, entirely willing to sign liability waivers before seeing the band. (And odds are that they’ll be bifurcated by one of Dethklok’s ridiculous, behemoth stage props.) Small has actually toured as Dethklok, with some hired guns helping him complete the band, but it’s not nearly as brutal as the real (fake) thing.

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