Top 5 Fictional Bands of All Time

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With all the glamour and posturing in rock music, it’s no surprise that so many people are trying to have a little fun at the expense of over-blown rock acts. Though fictional bands have been around for over a hundred years (What? You’ve never heard of Alexander’s Ragtime Band?), the increased popularity and worldwide permeation of rock ’n’ roll has helped fake musicians to vastly multiply. So, we decided to chronicle our favorite faux front men, artificial axe slingers, disingenuous drummers and bogus bass-men—our top 5 fictional bands of all time.
Top 5 Fictional Bands of All Time

5The Rutles

Bringing that fabulous Rutland sound to audiences worldwide, the Prefab Four Rutles are the collaboration of comedian Eric Idle (formerly of Monty Python) and musician Neil Innes (formerly of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band… no, seriously). Originally appearing as a one-off on Eric Idle’s Rutland Weekend Television sketch show, the band went on to star in its own All You Need is Cash mockumentary. A brilliant send up of Beatles lore, music documentaries and rampant fanaticism, All You Need is Cash is just as silly and absurd as the best work Idle did with Monty Python.

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